About us II The story behind AI Art

The story behind AI Art. 

We are  Artificial Intelligence engineers based in Silicon Valley, California.  We have developed this pre-trained AI model based on the Deep Learning Concept of Convolutional Neural Networks and Generative Adversarial Networks.

Artificial Intelligence art, more accurately neural network art, is a new form of artwork created using clever algorithms.

We also use Generative Modeling (GAN), which can be broadly defined as follows:

A generative model describes how a dataset is generated, in terms of a probabilistic model. By sampling from this model, we are able to generate new data.

We use a special technique of GAN called style transfer. Using style transfer we build a model that can transform an input base image to give the impression that it comes from the same collection as a given set of style images. This technique is widely used in commercial applications such computer graphics software, computer game design, and mobile phone applications.

With style transfer, our model extracts only the stylistic components from a set of images and embed these into the base image. Our model  learns about style across a whole collection of images. The model uses the base image as a guide to produce an original piece of artwork.

We are at the crossroads civilization change. Never in the history of human civilization people witnessed such dramatic changes what we will witness in the next 20 years. Everything will change, your job, your lifestyle, your transportation, your health, your entertainment and even your religious beliefs.   Please subscribe for my upcoming pictorial eMagazine about AI named “AI Transformation”. These high quality pictorial magazines will inform you about how to prepare  yourself to embrace gracefully this coming Age of extreme abundance, longevity,  creativity, universal equality in education and learning.